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Explore Commercial Solar Brisbane by browsing through our easy to understand Website. We have a Solar Energy Show Room in Coopers Plains Brisbane where Solar Investors can touch and feel the best solar products on the market.

Our Goal is to help you understand the importance of Solar Energy for your Home or Business. Get the facts you need as we guide you through our professional showroom presentation that will provide you with all the confidence you need to make an informed decision about investing in Renewable Energy and become less dependant on the grid.

We are currently saving our clients up to 70% on their Electricity Bills.

No Hard Sell – call or email for a FREE 15min Consulting Opportunity to see if you qualify for our Energy Bill Audit valued over $399.

Your Solar Energy Investment is safe with us, and we stand behind our Commercial Solar System with Guarantees, Monthly Monitoring, Repairs, and Upgrades because we set the standards in helping customers to better manage their energy cost.

Jay Dean & Jason Codega
Directors of Commercial Solar Brisbane.

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Commercial Solar Installation Solutions

Commercial Solar Brisbane provides competitive quoting, along with financial projections that are mapped accurately to outline what your electricity bills will look like.

Our Energy Experts will take care of all the paperwork involved so our qualified solar installers can install your system following our strict protocols to ensure maximum performance and best returns are obtained on your Solar Investment.

Our Results are tested and proven time and time again, so we look forward to helping you understand just how effective our Commercial Solar Solutions really are.

Solar Energy Savings - Solar PV System, Commercial Solar Panels
Renewable Energy Savings - Commercial Solar Brisbane

Why Commercial Solar?

Why use Commercial Solar for my Business you may ask? PV technology has made generating your own electricity alot more affordable than say 5yrs ago. As grid electricity prices continue to rise over time, reducing those cost is going to be crucial to keep your running cost as low as possible.

Rely solely on the grid is goin to get you stuck sooner or later as you have no control or options for that matter. If you are content with paying for over priced electricity you are leaving thousands of dollars on the table that your business could be reinvesting elsewhere.

Top quality Solar Panels come with 25yr Warranties and dont stop harvesting power from the sun. Get cost-effective electiricy that keep your businesss powering on with cash flow posive results that keeps your products and service competivie.

Commercial Solar Brisbane offers 5kW Solar Systems all the way to 1MW Solar Systems, so give us a call to find out which size solar system is best for you.

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Commercial Solar for your Business is a big investment, and you must feel confident you have teamed up with the right Solar Group. Our Solar Quoting process provides you with all the information, social proof, and accurate projections, so you are educated to make the final go-ahead decision and understanding of what to expect.

We are your Commercial Solar Brisbane Experts, ready to help you save!

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Find out how Solar Power works and how you can benefit from using Solar Energy to power your home or business.

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All our listed Solar Energy Brands are Tier one Solar Manufacturers that use the highest grade materials possible and continue to innovate patented technology that continues to enhance electricity harvesting along with energy reductions that give you more control how you choose to manage your electricity.

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