Canadian Solar is a global leader in Renewable Energy. Canadian Solar is a leading manufacturer of solar PV modules and installs throughout over 20 countries and six continents. There is no doubt Canadian Solar is here to stay shipping more than 32 GW PV modules around the globe, making them amongst three of the biggest solar companies in the world.

Canadian Solar was founded in 2001 in Ontario Canada, to make a difference towards a greener better future with more affordable solar energy products that help everyday businesses save on their electricity cost by becoming less dependant on the grid by taking advantage of the endless supply of renewable energy generated by the sun.

To date, Solar Power is still the best source of Power, its affordable and straightforward to install with the right Solar Company to take care of you for the life of your Commercial Solar System. Commercial Solar Brisbane are installing a large number of residential solar systems and commercial, industrial solar systems throughout Brisbane for the last 8 yrs and the results speak for themselves.

As the photovoltaic market continues to grow fast solar companies such as Canadian Solar have taken the lead to manufacture long-lasting PV solar modules that are highly efficient and long-lasting to ensure the best solar Investment possible.

We offer our solar clients many different Solar chooses and brands to suit each situation; Commercial Solar Brisbane offers the best grid-connected solar PV systems that not only reduce your cost by up to 70% but you can earn money by feeding excess power back into the grid. Commercial Solar Brisbane will also explain government rebates, help you with Interest-Free Finance, and show you a game plan that will pay back your commercial solar system in the fastest time possibly leading to even more significant savings.

Commercial Solar Brisbane install Canadian Solar for Residential and Commercial Property owners without the hassles or stress, our Solar Team takes care of everything you need to start saving on your power bills.

The worldwide popularity of solar power is a known fact to all; solar energy is environmentally friendly, safe and abundant in supply. Companies like Canadian Solar offer homeowners and business owners solar energy systems ready to go in varying system sizes from 1.5 kW up to 150kW and more.

Together Commercial Solar Brisbane & Canadian Solar help their customers in developing, engineering, constructing and connecting the most efficient solar systems available.

Canadian Solar has over 250 scientists, engineers and technicians employed for continuously developing and improving the solar cells and solar module technologies. Canadian Solar is highly respected and leads Solar innovation and it why we are thrilled to have a close partnership with to improve the environment and welfare of communities throughout Brisbane.

If you would like to check out Canadian Solar Products, we have an exclusive showroom for our clients to see and understand the product up close. Call our Team to book in a tour today.