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Commercial Solar Inverters with award-winning patents is a secure Investment for your Commercial Solar System. Our chosen Inverters offer many benefits including Superior Safety, Panel-level, online Monitoring with easy Solar System upgrades such as Battery Storage, and Home Automation Solutions.

Commercial Solar Brisbane associates; SolarEdge, Canadian Solar, SunGrow, and Fronius provide business operators with excellent warranties and proven panel reliability. Our Commercial Solar Systems are packed with features and come with the Biggest and Best Warranties money can buy.

Commercial Solar Inverters

Put in simple terms; a Solar Inverter is the Brains and the most important part of your Solar System which converts Direct Current (DC) solar panel Voltage generated from the sun into mains type AC power which powers general appliances.

Commercial Solar Brisbane has become respected Solar Energy Experts for Local Businesses to save thousands of dollars each month by using industry leading Brands such as SolarEdge Australia, Candian Solar, Sungrow, and Fronius for reliable renewable energy that helps you become less reliant on the grid.

The Brands we choose to use are hand selected to handle 20KW Solar Systems up to 1MW Commercial Solar Systems for Commercial Properties such as; Factories, Car Yards, Manufacturing Facilities, Schools and Argiculital Sheds.

We stand behind World Leading Commercial Solar brands so you reap the rewards.

Solar Inverter Monitoring

Solar Power has become a competitive space which means only the best survive. Performance, Reliability and return on your solar Investment comes down to the quality of Solar panels and selected Solar Inverter you choose to go with.

From Single Phase Inverters to 3 Phase Inverters all our list Solar Inverters come packed with the
most advanced technology to control your generated power every day of the week.

SolarEdge Inverters

SolarEdge Inverters with Synergy Technology. These SolarEdge Inverters are for Commercial Businesses, Factories, Farms, and Industrial Rooftops that need to harvest alot of Solar Power.

Other Commercial Solar System brands, the entire system can be compromised by just one weak panel reducing the systems overall power generation performance.

SolarEdge Inverter Features:

  • Designed specifially to work with power optimisers.
  • Easy Installation, Unit Mounting System.
  • Built-in Module-level monitoring with ethernet or cellular GSM
  • Fixed Voltage inverter for superior efficiency (98.3%) and longer strings
  • Specifically Designed to work with SolarEdge Inverters

Manufacturers Warranty:

  • Product: 12- 20yrs

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Fronius Inverters

Fronius Inverters are efficient and reliable and form the indispensable heart of every photovoltaic system. Power categories ranging from 1.5 to 27.0 kW guarantee suitability for virtually any system size – from a family home to a large-scale system.

High Energy Output Features:

  • text to come

Manufacturers Warranty:

  • Product: 10yrs
  • Performance: 25yrs

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Canadian Solar Inverters

CandianSolar is high-quality Solar System Solution that is global.

CandianSolar three-phase string Inverters 20-30KW are grid Tied designed to handle three-phase string architecture for Industrial Rooftop System and small ground mounted applications.

CanadianSolar Inverter Features:

  • NRTL Approved.
  • Cost Effective Alternative to central Inverters.
  • Modular Designed.
  • High Yielding up to 98% conversion efficiency.
  • Wide Operating range of 200-800Vcc, and four MPPTs for Maximum energy Harvest.
  • Built-in over-voltage and over current protection.
  • IP65 Rated for outdoor application

Manufacturers Warranty:

  • Product: 10yrs standard Warranty, extensions up to 15yrs.

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SUNGROW Inverters

Sungrow provides a wide selection of Solar Inverters from 3 kW to 6125 kW. With the maximum efficiency of over 99%, SunGrow Inverters comply with all types of PV modules and grid connection requirements. These enable String Solar Inverters to have high conversion efficiency, safe and reliable performance for many different applications of both indoor and outdoor installations.

Much used and appreciated on small and medium-sized PV systems, including for residential, commercial rooftops, and distributed plants.

High Energy Output Features:

  • Max efficiency: Up to 98.5%, more output power and more income.
  • High Yield
  • Full Power Operation without derating at 50˚C
  • Up to 3 MPP Trackers
  • Integrated string current monitoring
  • Fast Trouble Shooting
  • Compact Design & Easy Install
  • Easy Onsite Maintenance

Manufacturers Warranty:

  • Product: 10yrs
  • Performance: 25yrs

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Solar Inverter Technology.
features explained:

Commercial Solar Panel Installations - Brisbane Solar Experts

Solar Power Solutions

Compatable to suit many different Commercial Solar Applications.

Wi-Fi Communication

Enable centralised operation, management and maintenance via intelligent cloud monitoring accessible via the manufacturer’s App suited for ISO & Android phones.

Commercial Solar Panel Installations - Brisbane Solar Experts

Best Solar Warranties

Industry Leading Warranties to ensure a lifetime Investment to Solar Energy. Get Commercial Solar Brisbane onboard and never look back.

Commercial Solar Panel Installations - Brisbane Solar Experts
Commercial Solar Panel Installations - Brisbane Solar Experts

Complete Solutions

Complete Solar System Solutions offering; Energy Audits, Installation, Maintenance, and Support. All our Workmanship offers Advanced Safety features so your assets are safe.

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