Technology and Innovation opens a new world to the power of renewable energy. Renewable energy reduces the demand for the environments Non- renewable energy such as fossil fuels, coals, gas, and oils have made a significant impact on the environment.

Green Energy uses the earth’s natural resources with outstanding money-saving outcomes. Becoming Energy Independence is a beautiful thing, and the future of Free Energy is looking good. Because of technological advancements of Solar Systems, this space has become confusing and frustrating for many that seek the best alternatives to Renewable Energy, and this is where you need to hang up on those annoying Telemarketing calls and make an effort to visit our Brisbane Show Room – in Coopers Plains Brisbane. Our Solar Team are trusted experts with an endless proven track record of helping Businesses save big time.

Below we have list 5 Important Terms you need to know about Solar.

Solar Panels

Solar Panels convert sunlight into direct current (DC) throughout the day since they are made up of Photovoltaic (PV) Cells. They are made of solar cells with a positive layer, and a negative layer; thus, they can create a magnetic field. Installation of these solar panels can be costly; hence, the reason why investment in solar energy is very expensive.


Now that you already have a Direct Current (DC) Electricity, we need these to be converted into Alternating Current (AC). With the use of an Inverter, it converts DC to AC from the solar panel. Inverters are now coming out with some outstanding features that help you monitor all your power generation & power consumption.

Electrical Break

After Direct Current (DC) is converted to Alternating Current (AC), the inverter will supply your lights, equipment, and appliances with energy from the sun. In this process, solar energy obtained from the sun is now distributed to a different part of your home or commercial establishments.

Utility Grid

This instrument measures the amount of solar energy consumed during the day. However, using solar power during night time is not a problem since you are still using the excess amount of solar energy being stored during the day. With that said, any excess solar energy during the day is being stored in the grid. Customers need not to worry as they will be credited for the excess energy they have gathered which will be useful during the rainy, or even cloudy days.

There are also factors to consider in the installation of solar energy system such as the size of your roof, the amount of energy you need, the size of your heating system at home, and most of all, the amount of money you are willing to pay. Seek a solar power installer in Brisbane to help you understand the type of system you will need that ensures quality, reliable, and long-term service. After all, switching to a greener, and safer alternative source of energy is one of the best things you can do to help save the environment.